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My Luck is about to change…

Okay so first let me get out my negative nellies (sorry I gotta) But then I can jazz you up with how excited I am! Things have just been in a slump over the holidays and there has been more bad news than good. I am also really hating working a J.O.B right now Uggghhh. So I missed Jamboree and I was so disappointed. But family first. So tonight it was back to success night and I was really excited. All the girls shared what they learned at Jamboree and there was great tips! My daughter came with me and she had fun even though she wont admit it!

dsc02989.jpgAt the end of the meeting my director did a drawing for this awesome MK Luggage piece. I didnt even know I was in the drawing. My daughter got to pick the name and she picked me!!! Oh my gosh I was so excited. (My daughter is still making fun of me.) And my director gave me a ton of full size discontinued demo products she wanted to get rid of. Wow! I just felt so lucky! I also picked up my prize for sales for Dec. and it just really boosted my spirits. It was just what I needed.

Also one of my sister consultants mentioned what personally she got out of Jamboree and I just really felt was she was saying. I think it was meant for me to hear that, because I also was feeling similar to what she feels. I had high hopes to start of the new year and after being in a slump it can be hard to make a comeback. You really have to pull the strength out of yourself and just get out of your way. So tonight I realized thats just what I need to do and I am ready to ROLL!!


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