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12/22 Todays 6

1. Clean this blasted house!

2. Finish postcards

3. Booking calls-book 3!

4. Organize inventory

5. Wrap presents

6.  Print temp bus. cards


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If Consistency is the key….

Then delegation is the key to consistency. Im sure many of us realize we can get more done if we just let go of some of the little things and let someone else do them. This is easier said than done however, but I personally need to get over this. I can’t afford to hire help right now, but I can have my kids become more involved until I can. I had them make my sample goodie bags and they just love doing it. I also had them pretty up the miracle sets with shred and candies for the holidays. Also getting them to do more of the chores around the house and rewarding them instead of just giving them stuff all the time, in turn spoiling them!

So today instead of trying to go out and warm chatter, because it is the last weekend before Christmas I I know on one hand there will be plenty of people to warm chatter with, I just felt like I didnt feel like being out in the crowds. I know-do what you don’t wanna do when you don’t wanna do it. But along with that I had to prioritize what I REALLY didnt want to do.And that was tackle the growing chaos that is taking over my house in the form of mail, recyclables, clothes unfolded and well u name it, its a disaster zone. I am living in constant unorganized chaos. Along with my decision the be smart working this time around, I knew I needed to make many more changes than just my attitude. I have been listening to MK cd’s nonstop all week and its so good! I suggest filling your head with it at all times and avoid the radio. Some of the tips I have learned, I realize I can’t use unless I make order from chaos. So what I really didnt want to do was tear my house apart and get it in shape to begin the run into DIQ STRONG!

I took almost 3 hours last night getting all my paperwork together. I have hostess and recruiting packets ready to go. I have my desk sort of organized. Well one step at a time. We got the entire downstairs cleaned today so I can make it presentable for classes in my home. I actually even hung pictures, which I never do because we have moved so much I just don’t bother. Now I need to get started upstairs and make a clean space for my inventory. Hmmm this makes me think I should just do a six most important list right now….

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