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I originally began Mary Kay back in 1999. At the time my 4th child was almost a year old, and I was set on finally being able to be a stay home mom and run my own business. Now, I had no intentions of doing Mary Kay, and actually I was a demonstrator for a rubber stamp company and I loved it! But it didn’t pay very well and I knew I would have to recruit people if I wanted a bigger paycheck. I guess you could say I already had the intuition to do this kind of business. I was at the post office and was a regular there so I decided to try and recruit the lady who worked there. Well instead she recruited me! Even when I went to the meeting with her I knew I never wanted to be one of those Pink Cadillac, huge hair and jewelry wearing Mary Kay ladies! But the secret thing was I really envied them, I wanted to be just like them but I wouldn’t let anyone know that.

You see I was missing something positive in my life. All the people I knew were not very supportive of many of the things I did and that brought a lot of negativity into my life. I also struggled financially almost my entire life because I was never taught money skills. And so when I learned how much you could make in Mary Kay I thought I can do this whether I like the product or not! I worked the business for 6 years as more of a hobby consultant because you see the one thing that didn’t change was the people I surrounded myself with outside of MK. I kept hanging around all those negative energy draining people. But I always believed God brought me to this opportunity so that I could fulfill my lifelong dream of being a highly successful business woman, and providing my family with the things I only could dream of as a child.

It took me some time to sort through all of that to get to where I am today. I am able to stand up and say-‘Today’s the day I decide to do whats best for me. Today I can climb any mountain if I give it all I’ve got. I am the only one who can decide whats right for me and if I want it, I can have it!” There is a phrase that we hear a lot in MK and it goes-When the pain of remaining the same, becomes greater than the pain of change, then you will change. So many times I said that to myself with resolution, but I just wasn’t ready yet. God does give us the tools to achieve anything we want, but only we can make use of them to get there. I am thankful that Mary Kay also gives us tools to reach big dreams in this company. And that she will let us try as many times as we want to until we’re finally ready to step up.

This is my third time as a consultant. I have learned so much and I am finally ready to step up. I have just begun the exciting journey ahead of me into DIQ, and eventually on to National. I know I can do it! I finally believe in myself.

I live in the San Francisco peninsula with 3 of my 4 children, 2 guinea pigs and my cat. I currently work as an admin assist which I have done for almost 15 years. I also run my own clothing line, and dabble in jewelry and I still love my original passion-scrapbooking. I belong to the Ruby Area, I have ben to seminar twice once as a Ruby Star, and career conference 4 times. This year I look forward to crossing the CC Stage as a new Sales Director, and driving Pink by seminar!


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