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Positive thinking in a negative world

Not everyone is in our “pink bubble”. Wouldn’t it be great if all our friends and family just had a little bit of the pink type of thinking? Possibility thinking. Sometimes I just wish I had a magic hammer so I could whack them over the head and put some of that thinking in their brain.  Yes because while I want whats best for them, they can’t understand that, and it makes me want to literally whack them!

Im always, always amazed by people who just cant think outside the box. I mean seriously I get dumb founded when they can’t grasp the concept of possibility thinking.  Well not everyone thinks alike. As much as we’d like them to they just wont budge their mindsets. Sometimes they even think we are trying to “force” our way of thinking onto them. Thats just not true. We just see things differently and since they don’t see it our way, well they tend to make what they want out of it. I think its sad really that people would rather be stuck in their boring “secure” dead end day jobs instead of making the most out of their life THEIR way.

It doesnt bother me what others think of me or the fact that I’m a “Mary Kay Lady”, but of course it does affect me in even the smallest way. It comes back around to the 5 people you hang around most. If they are not positive people, filling your life with joy and good things then they just aren’t worth being around. This can be very hard especially if those people happen to be say- a spouse, or a parent or sibling. People you must interact with regularly. This has been the greatest challenge for me in my business and why I’m writing this post.

How do you get around letting all that negative thinking? For me I have found it best to listen to positive tapes. Anything MK oriented. I have found when I listen to that instead of the radio I feel so much better AND I feel more motivated to get my business to the next level! I have also found that distancing myself just enough from those other negative nellies really helps a lot. I can’t completly avoid them, but I have found that if I’m having a good day and that person calls me, well I just don’t answer the phone. I’ll call them back when I feel I can better shield myself from their “attacks”

It really is true that if you let negativity into your life it can pull you down. I have learned this the hard way. And I found that i ended up blaming those people for things that I could have avoided by setting boundries. It all comes down to you. Remember you have the power to create your own world whether you think so or not! You can’t control it, but you can “manuver” it to work best for you!


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“The way I see it is you have two choices in life; you can be grateful for everything life has given you or you can be resentful for everything life has done to you. Your degree of happiness is directly proportional to the conviction of your choice.”

Enzo D’Alimonte

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Lets begin the road to DIQ!

I’m ready to Rock’n’roll! I have decided that I am committing to a power month next month! Last night my directors hotline message was how many faces do you need to get the results your looking for? To get into DIQ you need to be in front of at least 65 minimum. Now that sounds high but break it into smaller pieces and look at having an average of 4 guests at a class and it works out to 4 classes a week. Thats achievable right? I am going for that ++ some. I have set my goal on 10, but it would be so awesome to get 15! I have lingered around MK long enough to know I want Directorship like yesterday, so now I have truly committed to the goal. So far I have two on the books, with a third tenative for next week. I feel the urgency to meet LOTS of women fast because it has taken me three weeks of “seeding” to get these results so far. And I need waaay more than what I have.

Ok so on this topic also comes the thought of consistency, and organization. Two things I absolutly suck at. I look around my house and its chaotic. I feel the need to get it all in order before I can feel like I will be able to work. But that takes time and effort I dont have right now because this goal is more important than that. I seem to be good at blogging (I spend way too much time on the pc) and I do have a laptop now, so I have a few thoughts.

#1 get out of the house! I have heard many directors say this is the only way you can get things done. So I plan on making a mobile office in my car. I will have all the things I need to do business on the spot!

#2 I plan to use this blog as a tool to keep myself organized. I just have a hard time with paper. I am a techie kind of girl and when I try to use a planner, well It doesnt work for me ok? So you’ll find here my ideas and tips on how Im working my business, and my daily 6 most important list. I keep trying to keep one but like I said-no good with paper. Online everything is in one spot and its less clutter in my house and my life. Whew! Ok feeling better already.

Now for my I Story…

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